Philippines improves Global competitiveness ranking

Not enough for a round of applause as it shouldn’t be down as far as it is on the rankings in the first place and its movement is only 10 places, but its still an improvement. The World Economic Forum (WEF) produced its Global Competitiveness Report showing the Philippines moving from 85th up to 75th out of 142 countries making it one of the best improvements on the report. This is mainly down to an improvement on the country’s macroeconomic situation being "more positive," which has seen an improvement of 14 places to 54th in the macroeconomic environment pillar. This has happened to due an improvement in public deficit and debt which has led to an improved credit rating for the country as well as inflation being stable.

The other key factor being a movement in the business sophistication category for which the Philippines placed 57th

"large quantity of local suppliers, the existence of numerous and well-developed clusters, and an increased presence of Filipino businesses in the higher segments of the value chain."

Now for the bad news the WEF report noted public institutions in PH are still assessed as poor, with the country ranking beyond the 100 mark in several indicators. This was based round the fact that there is a high enrolment rate of around 90% but “primary education is characterized by low-quality standards," placing the country at 110th.

For corruption and physical security, PH "appears particularly acute," with rankings of 127th and 117th, respectively as well as the infrastructure issues that see "infrastructure is improving marginally," the growth is not "fast enough to meet the needs of the business sector."

"The country ranks a mediocre 113th for the overall state of its infrastructure, with particularly low marks for the quality of its seaport (123rd) and airport infrastructure (115th)," the WEF Global Competitiveness Report added.

Good to see its not just me grumbling about things as I see these issues as “holding the country back” often to line peoples pockets with money over development. Mad thing is if the country geared up properly it could be a major competitor in the region to other countries but it needs to move a lot faster than it currently is.