Philippines Gun Ban is over and Airsoft begins

Some of you may be aware that I play Airsoft when I can and its been very frustrating after 8 months in the UK to return to the Philippines to find the Gun ban has also stopped Airsoft for literally months. I would estimate I haven’t played for about a year and not out of choice. I am not sure if the Gun ban actually stopped any violence as generally the guns used in violent acts and assassinations are illegal anyway. The extra police presence no doubt had some affect on lowering robberies though as the standard motorcycle rider and passenger hold up would have been caught up in many check points. You may think they could take a run for their money on a check point as well. But it isn’t that simple the Police are well aware of that and station someone further down the road who wouldn’t think twice in shooting you if you tried to make a run for it.

Anyway last week I should have been at Airsoft but went to a party with April and this week the guys were at another site and early (they finished by 12.00 normally don’t start until 1pm). So missed another week unless I head into Mandau on a Wednesday for a few games. Airsoft is also probably one of the biggest sports in the Philippines although pretty quiet media wise. There are literally thousands if not a few hundred thousand players and everyone knows about someone who either plays or they play themselves. So makes me wonder why its not grown into a more publicised game with some big events. Currently the biggest events in Cebu were via Gwen Garcia’s Governors cup which may now not run as she is no longer Governor of Cebu wonder if her replacement will be so eager to carry on the torch.

Also on my return I find that the AFOC (Airsoft Federation Of Cebu) is currently going through some internal politics which will no doubt have some affects on the sport. Although hopefully they will sort themselves out before it causes too much disruption.