Philippines Foreign Students Is Over 26,000

There are over 26,000 foreign students currently studying in the Philippines with the highest number coming from South Korea. Most are college students approx 17,000 while the rest of the foreign students in the Philippines were in elementary,high school or studying short-term language courses.

To study in the Philippines you will need to get a Student visa for colleges or if in elementary or high school a Special Study Permit both are obtained from the Bureau of immigration.

The numbers are increasing for study in the Philippines although locally sited as proof the Philippines is emerging as a major education hub in Asia I think its more to do with price than anything else. Although also part of the figures show that 12,806 were existing students with an arrival of 4,281 newcomers. When talking about students though we are looking at mainly Iranians (3,225), Chinese (3,961) and South Koreans (11,612).

I do think there is opportunity to grow the education system but currently you have to be “accredited by” the Bureau of Immigration which may stall things as simply having the teller deciding who it allows into the country as which schools it will use does seem a little odd considering the issues of corruption that exist within immigration. Much better it was handled by an educational board that has no cash incentive for manipulation. Currently there are 104 schools in the Philippines and learning facilities that are accredited by the Bureau of Immigration.