Philippines Ferry Fire Leaves 3 Dead and 70 Needing Rescued

On route from Bohol island to Cebu with at least 75 people on-board steel-hulled M/V Island Fast craft 1 is believed to have an electrical fire in its engine room prior to sinking. The electrical fire broke out during heavy rain which resulted on several passengers jumping ship and 3 drowning.

Henry Dungod said he, his wife and two young daughters were watching television with other passengers in a cabin when smoke suddenly wafted from below the ferry, sparking a panic. He and his wife grabbed life jackets and then jumped to the sea, each holding one daughter.

"It’s scary, especially when something like this happens and you’re with your family,” adding he and his loved ones were plucked from the waters by a passing ship after nearly an hour.

Luckily there were other ships in the area that resulted in the majority of passengers being rescued, currently there is believed to be at least one passenger missing.

The captain had given the order to abandon ship due to the fire beginning to spread out of control, so far the dead are 2 passengers and the chief mate of the vessel.

An important thing to note here at the moment in the Philippines is we are seeing a lot of rainfall and no doubt the waters between islands can be stormy. But more importantly ferry disasters seem to happen here more than I have heard of anywhere else. The Philippines does suffer with storms,  boats are poorly maintained and regulations aren’t enforced resulting in risky commuting when using inter island connections.