Philippines expats old and the young are they that different?

When I first came out to the Philippines I originally looked around forums for information as blogs didn’t exist and generally I found it was older guys that were here or moving here. Problem is if your on a pension your not really interested in integrating into local society in the same way as those of us in the 20s upwards. Now the problem this creates is older generations by nature like to complain and criticize at every opportunity which is one of the reasons forums and the internet gets dominated by them as the younger guys and women simply lose interest in even bothering posting what they are up to.

If your retired your retired, no doubt many of the same people criticize their own families in things they do even though they have little or no involvement in what they are doing either. But it does mean that the internet gets a void of missing information.

Firstly younger generations often can live on smaller amounts of money and if a regular backpacker for example they are used to slumming it. I recently came across an American who’s entire world travels was paid for out of his blog writings from his travels. Other things younger people generally seem to do is be more willing to try new things and experiment. At the same time I find a lot of the knowledge base of younger people to be wider than older generations due to the way they live. When I say younger mind I am talking 55 and under as most Expats  are over 60 those under 55 I know who have given up trying to write about things they have done such as social low cost housing in Africa as at every post you will get “I would do it this way” or “that’s not how its done”. In reality its how it has been done and how it does work and generally the negative speakers just want their say rather than have anything useful to bring to the table otherwise instead of their negative phrasing they would have explained a different version. At the same time if it works does it matter? Its like making a cabinet door do all the joints have to mortice and tenon? do they need to be pegged? technology moves on including stabilizing timbers which is why a lot of the older techniques become obsolete.

On top of that there are many businesses operating in the Philippines in varying degrees of size which if posted I am sure so many people would say “don’t do it!” but these people already have done and are making a living from it. There was something a friend told me back in the UK about moving from the Philippines to the UK that he felt he lost his edge. What he meant was that leaving the Philippines where he was having to think and make money all the time he’s now sat on the unemployment queue in the UK as it pays him “not to work”. He isn’t lazy but simply the area he lives in has high unemployment and low salaries which to get the best out of life means only one parent working while the other sits at home.

This is the odd thing though the people want to read about are cross referencing mainly in emails and things like Skype. I do it and most of the business people I know who are living and making money here don’t use forums or any other social type of networking. At the same time there is no “get rich” scheme but simply people getting on with real lives in a new country with all its restrictions and hurdles which is why the information sharing is important at the same time the criticism from outside people actually doing it delays and stops open source type information and help.