Philippines Expat your more likely to get ripped off by an expat than a Filipino

Being scammed or ripped off in the Philippines and many other countries is more likely to happen from another expat than a local. They are well aware you are new to the country and often will see you coming even before you arrive. Asking questions online and wanting people’s advice these people generally hang out on the forums and channels being very proactive in question answering. They want to show themselves as being an authority on a location.

Yet as I found with the Legacy scandal where millions of pesos were scammed out of people with a Ponzi scheme. The expats involved went as far as deleting members from forums that had been ripped off by other expats. The forums involved basically deleted all the threads where it was promoted and banned people talking about the Legacy investments. Best advice I can give is never give money to anyone, if someone wants a loan and you don’t know them steer well clear they will constantly be in your pocket.

Linked Video from Brit in the Philippines Chris Wren :-

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