Philippines Expat: Why bother with the expat life

I have to admit the only downside of the expat life is I have put on some weight. Although now in Spain full-time looking forward to getting the bike on the road.
The reality is as I sit here on a beach in Spain with my kids having a wonderful time splashing around in the sea and my wife relaxing besides me. This could be you enjoying the expat life be it in the Philippines, Spain or anywhere else you want to be. Instead of talking about it and thinking about it. Today is the day to start making it happen for real. Because the one person that will put you off making this change or doing it tomorrow will be yourself. I happily share my life with others to show its possible. I already know of many people who made the change themselves after following me around on the web. But just as important they have seen the changes have all been positive, be it perspective, happiness or travel. As we are often blinkered into a single way of life, if you take music for example how Sony and the big boys have made it a mechanical industry. Which spends more time on boxing people into things like the X Factor than encouraging new talents and new types of music.
All I can say is I simply choose life.