Philippines expat what to expect from a philippines hospital

Going to a Philippines hospital can be a bit of a new experience for a Foreigner the first time. Initial entry involves cash or your insurance card (Making sure your insurance company pays up front and not expecting you to pay and then give them the bill). But then pretty much everything is counted piece by piece.
E.g. do you need Paracetamol? You can buy from the hospital or get it from the pharmacy for a cheaper price. Buy drinking water etc. etc. its why you often see people sitting with others all day in the hospitals as basically they are runners. They are going back and forth for whatever the hospital says the person needs. This saves budget but at the same time does seem a little odd to Westerners.
Also there are some major differences between private and public hospitals, it’s certainly a case of where money talks. In Manila you can have several women giving birth to children for example sharing a single bed in a public hospital. While in a private hospital you can pay P600 for a ward bed or P1200 – P1600 for a private room with air-conditioning and television.

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