Philippines Expat: What to be aware of relating to ice in your drinks in the Philippines

Having ice in your drinks may seem harmless, but in the Philippines often tap water is used and as I explained in my previous video here :-
As you may even find stones in your tap water which also questions what are the bacteria levels in the water? With a Western stomach arriving in Asia what are the odds of illness?
There is also the issue relating to ice machines as well as it’s a breeding ground for bacteria pretty much anywhere on the planet. Even in the UK a survey showed that 6 out of 10 restaurants had less bacteria in toilet water than they did in their ice.
My personal advice is avoid having ice in restaurants as its likely to cause discomfort and illness. On a first trip it could ruin the holiday completely. If there long-term you can become immune to much of the local bacteria, but even then I would consider still avoiding ice unless made with purified or mineral water.