Philippines Expat: What makes a married man act like a dog on heat in the Philippines?

It may sound a bit funny but the fact is a lot of guys who move to the Philippines after being happily married for sometimes stray. In the West they may get the odd interest now and again and often there is mixed signals. E.g. someone not wanting to admit they fancy them etc. so may actually not want to even get into the subject.
But in the Philippines you find as a male from overseas women are attracted to you in a big way. To the point it’s very upfront and can be in your face on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for women to come up and say your handsome etc. and be very flirty. It can also be the case that the women doing it aren’t of the highest calibre as I find most women I know would frown on someone going with someone’s husband regardless of if it’s a Filipino or Foreign husband. But there is also the fact of so many women out there it’s not difficult to come across women that will approach you without a second thought.
Even walking in the shopping mall while my wife is in a store I have had women approach myself. A friend of mine James has a similar problem when sitting having a cup of coffee or tea at his wife’s old café. But it doesn’t take long for the women working there to come along and chase off any women that sit down next to him.
But would say for a woman married to a foreigner who hasn’t been to the Philippines it is certainly something to be aware of.

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