Philippines Expat: What do you do if your Filipina wife is cheating?

There is a genuine risk of a partner cheating in the Philippines and it doesn’t just happen to foreigners. In fact its probably more likely to happen to a Filipino than a foreigner. As there is a very likely chance that a woman meeting a foreigner online may up roots to go and live with a foreigner for a better life and lie about being single.

But what do you do if you do find your Filipina partner is cheating? The first bit of advice is not to react but confirm the facts. Also prepare yourself with an exit strategy if things are confirmed that your partner is cheating.

If you confront the person early on you may give yourself risk of losing everything you built up in the Philippines. But like a friend of mine who became aware that his wife was going back to her old boyfriend while he was overseas. He began by selling the house telling the wife that they would be going to the U.S. as such she agreed. This was followed with selling off the car as he was tired of the repairs all he was actually doing was reducing his financial losses from being with her. Did he still have to pay something when they eventually split? The answer is yes, but if he hadn’t got rid of the house, car and some other assets he would have lost the lot and would be near impossible to argue through the court systems. Adding to that the court systems be it the Philippines or anywhere else in the world they eat money faster than anything else.

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