Philippines expat: Taking care of your in-laws

Philippines in-laws are a bit of a divided topic when it comes to what people want to do relating to family and issues as they occur. My personal view on this is family is family.

Today was a prime example as my mother in-law went into hospital last night. Although today we are waiting to see what is going on. My thoughts are quite simply if I needed to abandon Spain for 4 – 6 months to get through this and fund medical bills I would do. As a family unit I am the strongest financial resource and my family have been good to me and as such we look after each other.

Not that all families are the same which is why this subject is a bit divided. I personally help and look after my in-laws but I can’t pass the same vote for everyone else as I know some families are a nightmare! But my father and mother in-law treat me as a son and as such I treat them as my parents.

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