Philippines Expat Question time 25/10/2015

I want to be doing more for our question time on the Philippines but I am hitting a huge snag currently. The internet speed in La Mata is so poor that I cannot keep up with the minimum requirements for audio and video for YouTube or Google hangouts. But my question is this would people be happy for it to be a podcast?
A podcast uses far less internet bandwidth than a video feed and as such we could have good quality audio. I can throw in the odd slideshow etc. so would be more of a radio show backed up with my usual video uploads for expansive topics.
On top of that I have another question for this week regarding my brother in-law Aga in Cebu, Philippines. As we could buy another camera for him and he could do more stuff around the islands in the Philippines on our behalf. The main thing being, we need to purchase another camera due to my camcorder being lost in France. As I left it on the roof of the car and you can guess what happened next along the French motorways.
But it would give us a roaming journalist of such but also someone we can direct to specific topics of interest. I have a few ideas myself that could make some interesting footage. But will require the purchase of a new camera.
I would send one of the ones I have here in Spain, but the problem is customs are likely to borrow it long-term if they found it in the mail. So I am looking at purchasing one in the Philippines as such looking for some donations towards the cost. Before anyone grumbles that this is some kind of business etc. please be aware that we actually spend more than we make already! Adding the new camera gives us another string to our bow and very likely that a lot of any new revenue generated is going to go on petrol costs for the motorbike.
I am however hopeful that there is some profit in it for Aga to help support him and his family. Although he works full-time as we all know wages aren’t fantastic in the Philippines.

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