Philippines Expat – Minglanilla to Cebu City motorbike ride #4

We decided to take a ride from our home in Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines to Cebu city by motorcycle. I have to admit I prefer traveling by bike over car or bus due to it being much faster. But also you can use your camera. I find on a bus your hunched up and impossible to get a good view out of the window. But in a car you also don’t have the same viewing potential as a motorbike. But anyway today we hit the road with Aga my brother in-law as my driver.
The reason I know some people will find this interesting is that it will give you the opportunity to see what the roads are really like. I often compare the roads to being almost fish like in traffic movement. With small vehicles passing through between larger ones, a bit like a whale and its small feeding fish. Although at first it seems chaotic it seems to work in the Philippines as a lot of traffic manages to weave its way through the island.
The first thing you may notice is the dust in the air, as vehicles move there is the usual CO2 kicking out of the exhaust but also a very fine dust is blown up from the roads. Which often means after a long ride you normally hit the shower to wash it all off when traveling by bike.
The next thing is the noise, as not only have you the vehicle driving sounds but the constant beeping of horns. In the West its unusual because its seen as rude or for emergency use. But in the Philippines its basically beeping “I am here!”. So that when you pass another vehicle they hear your going around them etc. Which in the mornings can be a little loud if you have a bit of a hangover with so many vehicles passing.
I do recommend riding by motorcycle in the Philippines but if not an experienced rider it is easy to find someone who will let you travel as a passenger. Pretty much most people move around by bike due to its cheap cost of running and easy access to all areas.
As we leave Minglanilla we will head up along the SRP which is now where the new Seaside City is being built in Cebu along with another SM Mall. Currently a fairly quiet route and location but I am sure once these developments finish it will become extremely busy. Which is a pity as it’s the least congested bit of road for driving on at speed currently. I just hope it doesn’t become another bustling congested route.
It is worth looking out for the different vehicle types as well and how people drive. There are a lot of motorbikes, habal-habal (motorbikes illegally taking passengers), tricicad, multi cab, buses, jeepney, and many other vehicles along our route.
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