Philippines Expat: Managing a long distance relationship.

After working away from home the longest period being a year. I have a lot of experience of keeping the relationship alive even when your miles apart. There are so many ways to keep in touch even when not online. In this video I cover the many ways I kept in touch with my wife back in the Philippines when I was either working in the UK or the Middle East.

Skype – Back in 2007 was still not on mobile phones. Back then they were still mobiles and not “smart”. As such Skype was limited to me getting up at 2.30am to catch the wife at the office in Cebu or the weekends. Today its much better with the ability to even leave video messages and being constantly in touch 24/7 via smartphones.

Letters – One of the most personal ways to keep in touch but also when your out of range for example while I was in the desert of Oman and had no internet. The letters may take a long time to arrive but because they are keep sakes you will find your partner goes through the letters when they can’t get hold of you. On top of that many years later you can look back on what you went through to keep in touch as a couple.

Text Messages and Phone Calls – Originally this was my main method of contact as my work in the UK back in 2007 was a 16 hour day 6 days a week. Sometimes going in at all sorts of hours on call out. But it soon runs up a bill my text messages ran at £200 a month. Phone calls I took a pay as you go phone to make the calls. As this limited the amount you spend to help avoid those unwanted big bills.

The main thing is doing what you can to keep in touch as its keeping the relationship alive. I have seen some relationships fall apart due to one or both parties not putting enough effort in keeping in touch. But its often the small things that matter most. Leaving little video messages to each other as you drive to the office or the wife drops the kids off at school. The day to day stuff that matters most to both parties.

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