Philippines Expat Jealous Filipinas

Jealousy in Filipina’s can be a risky business but also can destroy a relationship. I have seen it literally do it to other people, girlfriends and wives becoming stroppy and argumentative. Threatening to leave the guy etc. but in all cases the guy had literally done nothing to cause the issue. Well not in the way that you would expect for example a guy wanting a bit of space. In the UK its very common to go walking alone to gather thoughts or to get peace and quiet. But in the Philippines going somewhere alone is unusual and not seen as normal. As such you become questionable on why your “sneaking out” when your actually just going for a quiet walk.

It all comes down to insecurity, in the Philippines women approach you regularly but I am more in the mindset of letting people be people. If someone is going to leave me then they would do at some point anyway. So why make everyone’s life a misery based on something that hasn’t happened (at least yet).

My best advice is to reinforce security though as over time things should become easier unless you end up with the nightmare partner who already assumes your having an affair regardless of what you are doing or have done. In that case best advice is leave!

Scott Ingram’s video on the same subject :-

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