Philippines Expat: How safe is your pepsi

I came across this video today and it did make me think. Although its not actually Pepsi being rebottled in the Philippines judging by the labels on the bottles. The fact is I have had bottles before with a rusty lid, which makes me wonder if this actually does go on in the Philippines. Where people take a dirty bottle and simply refill it and when I say refill it I mean literally. No cleaning, no emptying of the previous contents just refill the bottle.
It is one of those things you shudder to think if it’s happened already to the point you would rather not know if you drank a dirty bottle. But also the simplicity of the setup to fill bottles with fizzy pop that people may not even know isn’t Pepsi is obviously going to be a very lucrative business. I know many moons ago when I operated a restaurant in the UK. The cost of a fizzy drink even if it was large was less than 5 pence. That includes the cup, the syrup and the gas an illegally operating business is likely to have gas, syrup and possibly even the water source from unregulated supplies. As such beyond drinking from a dirty bottle you have the risk of infection or illness from the sources of the mix that forms the drink.