Philippines Expat double dead meat in the Philippines

Double dead meat is something I had never come across until I went to the Philippines. In the UK its simply put as “Food not fit for human consumption. In the Philippines however it refers to animals that have died of natural causes or disease. That are then slaughtered and put into the food chain.

I have seen the news stories on this multiple times and although it’s not a pleasant subject there are a few things that can easily identify double dead meat. Does it smell, does it have a grey – green tint does it appear off colour. If you are not sure I highly recommend just walking on by and going elsewhere.
Meat from supermarkets etc. are identified as to passing the Philippines regulation. It is more likely you will come across double dead meat from market vendors. I have seen this on news stories normally when the meat prices are high at certain times of the year. Normally around Christmas time.

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