Philippines Expat: Domestic water systems in the Philippines

Domestic water systems in the Philippines are very different to the West. As such there are many things to be aware of. The average household for example doesn’t have hot running water and may not even have a shower. Often washing is done by using a large bucket and a pot like contraption where you throw the water over yourself. The main reason for the bucket is that water in the Philippines is often switched off at certain times of the day. I assume this is rationing as they switch on and off different areas of towns and cities. With a bucket left under a tap switched on as soon as the water comes on in the town/city it will begin to fill. As such you would be left high and dry without water for the day.
For wealthier families they may have large water tanks and water pumps to circulate the water around. The large tanks get around the problem of rationing of city water, while the electric pumps are utilised for deep well water at any time of the day.

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