Philippines expat: Criminals – Hulog Hulog Piso Gang in Cebu

Hulog Hulog Piso Gang basically relates to a scam that happens on Jeepney’s. Someone drops coins (or at least pretends to) while causing a distraction to a member of the public. While this is going on another person working with the person with the coins will begin trying to steal from the bag of the unknowing passenger.
In our video case there is a gang of three carrying out the robbery on a Jeepney (Bus) in Cebu with the third member of the gang being the look out. Although the person was robbed the video footage clearly shows how this scam works in robbing someone of their belongings. I hope it’s not long until a criminal case takes place to have these people put behind bars. I do however expect due to the type of crime they may be back out the same day committing more thefts in the Cebu area.
I hope this video helps in at least making people aware of this type of theft and scam that happens regularly all over the Philippines.