Philippines expat child beggars in the Philippines

Child beggars in the Philippines isn’t just a sign of hard economic times but also an industry. Which is why I advise avoiding giving beggars money but instead give food. There are often gangs operating that encourage kids to take up glue sniffing as once addicted they become full-time beggars for the addiction.
Also there are much deeper problems than solving the immediate needs such as why are they there? What forced them to come to the big cities, as most of the beggars I have met have come from other islands. Where the lands they came from stolen from them? Is it a sign of a change in plantation and fishing?
Are all charities bad? I see many that are but then there is also the rose between the thorns that helps in a moral way and understands the local community. Mercy in Action I came across in 2008 and from everything I have seen they do a lot for the community and children

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