Philippines Expat: Are Filipina’s really gold digging scammers?

There is a lot of negativity regarding gold digging women from the Philippines. I would have to say though gold digging is global, but also you have to look at the women who are generally doing it from the Philippines. Culturally they wouldn’t fit into many people’s normal social group. Low education, child like in many ways and extremely manipulative. Extremely easy to spot and identify and I find women in the West that do it are far more calculating and damaging.

The problem you get though is responsibility, guys don’t say it was my fault this happened. But will simply go Filipina’s are gold diggers etc. When you send money randomly over the internet with someone you have never met it only comes down to one person’s fault yourself. There is an industry of grubbers who will take what they can get but its not just the Philippines its global.

In the same way there are many happy relationships and marriages the difference is though people generally spin negativity relating to it as nobody is interested in hearing “we are happily married”. Because it’s not interesting enough for the general public in the same way the newspapers spin tabloid gossip its never positive.

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