Philippines electrical prices hike are they getting out of control?

The last couple of months there has been an increase in electricity but no real reason as to why. I was talking to a friend who lives in Makati last  month about it and he said his has gone up by around 60% in 6 months. The problem you find in the Philippines though is you pay for a service that is unreliable and unpredictable. Brown outs seem to happen at least once a month in the few months yet customers are pretty much left in the dark on as to why. Also did you know in the Philippines you get charged for “Loss of service!” that’s right they don’t maintain the electrical companies properly and pretty much on a skeleton staff and on top of that you pay extra when they get it wrong. Am I grumbling about a few pesos? Well this is the bizarre thing last month seen an increase which I expected due to the aircon being on 24/7 but this month its only on part-time at night and pretty much every other night as the rains have arrived. Yet the bill never dropped by 50% of the usage normally associated with our aircon which is P1,000 for night running it only reduced by a few hundred pesos.

There was another interesting thing though that the landlady of the house we rent had an unusually high bill which was higher than the house in front who has at least 5 people living there (she lives on her own with nothing too extravigent) after contacting the electrical company it came about the Meter reader “couldn’t find the meter” so he estimated which was more think of a number rather than value the average over the last three months. The rates of electric are becoming pretty much robbery as you can’t see any real investment going into the system except the recent power plants which conveniently all show boated around the election. Also people know its unlikely the prices will reduce as in the Philippines generally if the price goes up it stays up. How is the electric prices affecting you?