Philippines Electric Cars – G Car

Philippines Eagle - G car (electric car of the Philippines) 


The Philippines Electric Cars Still Not In Production

Another project still sitting on the sidelines that should already have rolled out into production in the Philippines starting at P140,000 it has the potential to be a city dwellers transportation. But even with all the ideas, working prototype its another company lacking funding as well as markets interested in using the vehicles. I can see certain advantages you could do to help sell the vehicle though such as being able to ride in Manila on any day (there are alternate days depending on vehicle registration). This is something that could and should be a reality in the Philippines and I could imagine these being used for city hopping where you hire and drop it off where your going so that you only pay to and from the places your going to and a company having solar charging stations around a city area. Its not an idea that can’t work its an idea that needs vision from investors and capital as well as government support.