Philippines electric and water meters.

After seeing my own electric and water jumping in prices myself I started to look at the cause. What I found was an obvious one if you are around during the day. What happens is due to the high turnover of staff with the companies you end up with a new person regularly.  Which would be fine if they know where the electric and water meters are. But often they will just estimate.

May seem ok to estimate but how many times? As it became obvious they hadn’t had a real reading in some time. So every estimate was based on an estimate for a long period of time. Which meant when the first estimate had happened I overpaid, but then other people had over estimated it again based on the estimate someone else had done. End result is your owed money for your bills!

Its something to always double check yourself as like many things in the Philippines if you aren’t checking neither will anyone else bother. But they are quick to make money at your expense.