Philippines Election today

Today will be my first time to experience the elections in the Philippines and I will be travelling up to the new electronic ballot machines this morning with my wife. Not to vote myself but my wife will be voting, I have found the campaigning of politicians here a bit of a funny event with a lot of “self” promotion on wanting thanks and praise for doing their job. But if you speak to most people and ask why the roads, bridges and other projects have all started or been finished this year its “because of the election” after the election pretty much most of the work will stop again its all about “who completed the bridge”, “who repaired the school”, “who helped the poor”. But in essence its all short term and long-term I am hoping some of the politicians actually do their job once they get to power. The presidential campaign is a prime example of this where a lot of the promotion is based on “what they will do” but nobody is asking what did they do as a senator, mayor or other government office they have resided in previously which is probably more important and a better judge of scale than anything else.

Ask me who would I vote for as a president? Answer would simply be I can’t personally trust any politician to keep their word not only here but in the UK. Noynoy seems to have the election in his grasp who is part of the Aquino family which have had a colourful family past maybe he will be the one to change history for the better? Manny Villar is another candidate although seems to be slipping in popularity but I would also question that with the fact Noynoy’s sister has tight connections with the media groups here as “statistics” can be fudged and altered to suit anyone’s thoughts. Its an interesting election either way and I wonder how people such as an ousted president such as Joseph Estrada even managed to get back into the running same as Imelda Marcos who is the wife of the deceased former president Ferdinand Marcos who also lost power after being overthrown. It pretty much shows how the tight grip of family power still resides in the Philippines with the rich. The next article that follows this one is regarding Manny Pacquiao the Philippines biggest export bringing world boxing titles and status to the Philippines who is also running in the election. I hope it gives you an insight into how things are here for an “underdog” as already some shootings have occurred and deaths are always expected in election times here. Part of how people keep control or gain it.