Philippines Diary #34 – All Saints Day in Memorial Park

November 1, 2009 – Sunday

Check out this video: All Saints Day in Memorial Park

For Filipinos All Saints Day is one of the most important religious days and family occasions of the year as they gather to remember and celebrate the lives of those they have lost. Families sit under awnings and tents and every other kind of shade you can imagine. They light candles, they lay flowers (plastic and cut) and food by the graveside, and they think of the happy times they spent together with their loved ones. Yes there are tears as well but the Filipinos are by nature a happy people, always smiling, always seeing the positive side of life no matter what adversity they face. Memorial Park is normally an oasis of peace and tranquility but today it is filled with the noise of excited families.

All Souls Day (2nd Nov) follows All Saints Day (1st Nov), making this a two day event. This year as the 1st November fell on a Sunday, people will have Monday as holiday to continue their vigil.

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