Saints ,Souls and Santi

: Matt // EditDec09

October 31, 2009 – Saturday

Typhoon Santi swept into the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) yesterday bringing more misery to the poorer residents of Metro Manila. Heavy rains and strong winds disrupted the travel plans of many Filipinos who were attempting to return to their home towns for All Saints/All Souls long holiday weekend. Many were stranded without transport due to cancellations.
Here in Santiago City today is All Saints Day and we will visit the grave of Gina’s father in Memorial Park, a private cemetery close to the city. It will be packed with other families visiting their dearly departed so we will take a tricycle as parking will be a nightmare. We will place a basket of flowers at the graveside. Memorial Park has been advertising on the radio as we approached the weekend and they have already started on an extension to the existing cemetery. The majority who cannot afford Memorial Park with its 24 hour security are buried in the public cemetery. Gina says the public cemetery will be safe enough today, as there will be may other people there, but is best avoided at other times.
Isabela was fortunate in that the although Santi initially was tracking west into the centre of Luzon, it later twisted southwest and headed for the bottom of Luzon, the centre of the typhoon coming within just 60km of Manila. If you want to know the path of future typhoons I would recommend the following website. This not only shows you the track of typhoons but also shows you what signal strength will affect each province. Signal 1 is the weakest and Signal 4 the most destructive.
Typhoon forecast and tracking website