Philippines Diary #31 – Plot marking, Ticks and BIR

October 27, 2009 – Tuesday

At 6.30 am this morning our door bell sounded and it was the senior engineer from our contractor together with the project foreman he has appointed. They just called on their way to our lot where they will spend the day marking out the position of the buildings. So after breakfast we went over to visit them. They had already hired some local workers who were assisting in clearing the rice stalks. Some green tape was already in place showing one side of our house. They will mark the remainder through the rest of the morning and we will inspect after lunch to see if the positioning is right.
Phoned the engineer/surveyor this morning to see which day he wants us to give him a lift to the BIR office in Illagan and surprise surprise when he answers he’s on a bus on his way there today. We hope he picked up the right birth certificates as we had to drop a replacement into his office last week when we realised that the deed of sale was in the mother’s name, not the son’s.
We removed two more ticks from YoYo today. He has been with us a week and we still keep finding them on him. Overnight he has shed at least a couple. Nasty things to remove and it has to be done with care. They are easier to see after we give him a shower as the hair of his coat clings together so you can see his skin.