Dogs and Early Rising

August 21, 2009 – Friday

Most of our neighbours in this subdivision keep at least one dog for security. In fact next door has three dogs, at least one cat and a cockeral, all of which make the most incredible noise starting around 5.45am. Around 6.00am everything goes very quiet which we assume means they are eating their breakfast. And of course one neighbour’s dog barking sets off all the others. But as Gina reminds me this is the Philippines and the dogs must take a lead from the videoke machines. I’ve heard cats meow enough in my life but for some reason Filipino cats can produce by far the loudest meow you’ve ever heard. We also have the delight of our rubbish being opened by the dogs of the neighbour’s dogs opposite, including Justin’s disposed nappies. So we now hang the rubbish in bags high on our fence out of reach. Thankfully, rubbish collection here is daily. Owners also seem to disregard the subdision rules on stray animals. This applies not only to dogs but also to caribou (the water oxen used in the rice fields) and cows all of which can make driving quite an interesting experience here! Oh, and I almost forgot the escaped pig which we found struggling for freedom from its owner outside our gate the other day. A tricycle was called and said pig was wisked away to be "prepared" for someone’s celebration party.