Rice Harvesting On Our Lot

October 17, 2009 – Saturday

Nelson’s team of workers started harvesting the rice on our lot yesterday. The noise in the background is traffic on the barangay road in front including hand tractors and tricycles.

Harvesting on our lot in Patul – 1

Harvesting rice on our lot in Patul – 2

Here are a few photographs I took of the rice harvesting.

They are very fast and can a large area of rice stalks in next to no time. Then they gather up the stalks and lay in piles to dry out.

Unfortunately, although the forecast for Isabela yesterday said it would be sunny, there was a great deal of cloud around and by midday rain had set in. But by early afternoon the rain had stopped.

We could see 5 or 6 workers, both men and women, in the field, some cutting at the far end.

It’s hard work, particularly on a sunny day, so they all wear hats and additional protection such as a scarf for their head, neck and shoulders.

We were surprised how quickly they cleared quite large areas. Although the total area of our lot is three quarters of a hectare, as the new boundaries were not known until the lot plan was approved recently, Nelson probably only planted on about 500 sqm. But that’s still a lot of rice.

They will finish the cutting today and put the stalks through a threshing machine to separate the rice from the stalks. Then the rice will be spread out on the barangay road to dry. Last stage is separating the rice from the encasing husk.  Let’s hope the dry weather holds out today. The sun shining right now!