Philippines Diary # 24 – Pandesal, Puppies & Palms

October 14, 2009 – Wednesday

We have taken recently to buying pandesal rolls in the early afternoon. They are lightly sweetened bit size rolls which can be purchased from bakeries, ideally when still hot from the oven.
The Pan De Sal (Bread of salt) was originally brought to the Philippines by the Spanish and these days the ones I have tried taste less of salt more of a slight sweetness. Very tasty. Great with an afternoon coffee.
Our first venture out to find a possible puppy was a failure. There seems to be just one pet shop in Santiago City, and that only had a couple of very strange puppies, one of which looked like a bull dog, the other some weird looking Japanese breed. Not a good choice with Justin. So we will ask around to see if there are any local litters available. Then vaccinate against rabies and buy a good size cage as the dog will be kept outside. It will also enhance our security arrangements.
The palms we acquired from a local nursery are looking very healthy. At present they surround our patio table and chairs but eventually hopefully will gain their rightful place in my tropical part of the future garden. Gina wants an English garden so there will be two different themes around our house, if we have a house. We are still waiting to see if our solution to the appreciating peso rate is accepted by the contractor. A question for us of go ahead and build now or extend our lease on this house. For the contractor it is a question of whether they make a little less profit on the contract or no profit at all.