Cutting Costs

September 4, 2009 – Friday

My own awareness of day-to-day cost of living is growing slowly. Considering average incomes here, electricity must seem prohibitively expensive. For us comparison is difficult at present as we are only in temporary accommodation which is smaller than our previous home in the UK. My haircut earlier this week was only 50 pesos compared to over 1000 pesos in the UK. Petrol is 32.5 pesos per litre for diesel here compared to around 90 pesos in the UK, so around a third of the UK price. The rent for one year on our two bedroom bungalow was 75000 pesos, or about £900. I will add to the list over time.
Of course it’s not only about cost but also quality. The guy that cut my hair at Daddy’s Ablazza couldn’t have been more thorough. He spent at least 25 minutes as against around 5 minutes in the UK and he even gave me a free shoulder massage at the end, incredible value for 50 pesos.