Philippines Complaining Over U.S. Ambassadors Comment Over The Philippines 40% Of Male Tourists Being Sex Tourists

U.S. Ambassador Harry Thomas

Philippines Lawmakers began throwing dummies out of prams over the comments made by the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas telling him to watch his words or show proof of his remarks that over half the male tourists in the Philippines are merely after sex.

"I hope the American ambassador can clarify his statement and explain where he got the statistics," Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile told reporters Wednesday.

Quick comment here “DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY” Harry Thomas can say what he likes its up to the U.S. Government to intervene if they choose to. Can’t complain about one thing when you find Philippines diplomats in the U.S. using immunity to not pay taxes on property. This seen several diplomats from the Philippines running a bank, restaurant and even an airline office from their Manhattan complex, New York TAX FREE.

The relative point of this is that its not for Harry Thomas to prove he’s right its for the Philippines government to prove he’s wrong which isn’t going to happen. Say Angeles City to anyone I know the first thing that springs to mind is “prostitution”. Red light districts exist in Cebu, Manila and there are probably very few people that aren’t aware they exist.


Escudero said this statement was "uncalled for," and his claims should have been channeled to proper government agencies.
"It is not for foreign entities to rate us or grade us or whether we pass their benchmark or not, especially when no bases are given," Escudero added.

Obviously forgetting that the anti trafficking push this year was primarily caused by the threat of aid being cut off by the U.S. due to the Philippines lack of action in tackling the problem, also one of the U.S. Ambassadors key roles in the Philippines.

Drilon said the government is serious in implementing laws against human trafficking.
While Enrile said Thomas’ claims may be true, the envoy should at least explain where he got his numbers.
"We’re not denying that there are American men who come to the Philippines to enjoy their lives because the Filipinas are attractive but I don’t think his statistics are correct," said Enrile.
"Well, there are also many foreigners going to America to have sex with American girls and American boys. So, it works both ways. Even Filipinos go there to enjoy beauty of American women," added Enrile.

Where can you get the figures from I wonder? Well considering the Philippines doesn’t screen people out they wouldn’t know but places like the UK and US monitor their nationals leaving the country and entering. My passport flags up when I leave the UK as it confirms I am no longer working in the UK and have no more tax to pay that year as I am no longer residing in the UK. In the same way previous sex offenders can be monitored as well as anyone else. So wouldn’t be hard to base data on “previous convictions” especially for child abusers or rapists. Add to that the very public way that the sex industry operates in the Philippines which was more of the point Harry Thomas was making when talking about the road outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila as its very obvious that these establishments are not only being allowed to operate they are using a very flimsy bit of law to make it “so called” legal.

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  1. lewis
    September 29, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    What a joke !! Filipinas try to seduce me nearly every day whenever I visit the Philippines alone. (for the money, of course)I am married to a filipina who works and cannot accompany me always.I see in the Star that a foreigner can be deported for arguing with a filipino.Methinks I may not visit the Philippines again. Seems they look down on us.Inferiority complex perhaps ?

  2. September 30, 2011 at 4:09 am

    I would say arrogance over inferiority complex as many assume they are above their station especially those rich enough to live off the backs of the nation. General people down to earth couldn’t care less what the Ambassador said as they know what he said was true!