Philippines Blog #48 – Thank You GlueboardAuthor

November 25, 2009 – Wednesday

There are different products marketed in the Philippines for killing rats and mice but so far my experience of the scented rice is most disappointing. It seems to attract them but without any apparent ill effects. So yesterday I purchased a two glue boards for a total investment of 136 pesos. These consist of a wooden frame  (8" by 5") containing a very sticky glue sheet. All vermin will become stuck to the sheet if they so much as put one paw or a tail on them. You anchor each board to the floor with adhesive tape so it is very difficult for any vermin captured to free themselves.
We noticed a little rat or mouse run under our refrigerator the previous evening so I placed two glue boards in series at right angles to the wall.  When I returned less than five minutes later there was a tiny rat stuck to it.  I left the boards in place overnight but there were no other unwelcome visitors. I have disposed of one board and put the second one up on the worktop near our backdoor. This is an area of the kitchen we don’t use much except when running the washing machine but I have my suspicions that there are holes in the bottom of the back door just large enough for small vermin to enter the house. All other means of access have been blocked with filler, especially any gaps along our party wall with the next house.
We have been asked more than once by the owners of this house if we would like to buy it for 1.5 million pesos (around £17,000). They have also sent potential buyers round to inspect it on more than one occasion. But apart from it not having the space we want or the design, the whole place needs demolishing, the lot completely cleared and a new building constructed. The owners have neglected it and to be fair also had their share of bad tenants who have stolen fittings etc. It suits us as a temporary home however.
So thank you glueboard!