The Long And Winding Road

November 16, 2009 – Monday

Having at long last been given clearance from the tax office, the Region 2 surveyor attempted to register the title to our land with the Register of Deeds at City Hall today. All the documents were OK they said, however, the transfer to the previous owner by dint of their mother’s death needed to be published in a local newspaper for three consecutive weeks. So again we are thwarted by more red tape.
Because we purchased from a child of the deceased title holder and the descendents had not bothered to register their inherited ownership formally with the register of deeds (because the transfer of real estate title is comparatively expensive for Filipinos which discourages them from registering any inherited interest). The transfer therefore needs to be announced in a local gazette in case there are other claimants who have the necessary evidence of title. Again we must be patient and hope that in a three week’s time the surveyor will be able to complete the registration process so that we can apply for the building permit.
In the meantime backfilling continues but slowly. We reckon it will take at least 3 weeks to raise the construction area by the required 1.6 metres. Today when we visited the site we found that the motorised compactor which only arrived at the weekend had already broken down and that a replacement would need to be transferred from another project in Ilocos or new engine parts obtained from Manila. So even backfilling had ground to a halt and the men were instead clearing huge piles of gravel that were blocking the irrigation channel to the neighbouring rice fields.