Philippines Blog #41 – Resty’s In Hospital

November 8, 2009 – Sunday

While we were watching the progress of the deep water well drilling yesterday we received a phone call to say that Gina’s brother, Resty, was in hospital. He had experienced a lot of pain in his side while he was driving and a colleague took him in to the local private hospital. Kidney stone was the diagnosis and an ultrasound was taken to confirm it’s position. The stone was small thankfully so he has been prescribed some medication to dissolve it.
Private hospitals here are about the same standard as NHS hospitals in the UK so the public hospital must be dire. Resty and Jane have Philhealth cover so should get back around 60% of the charges. While we were there the nurse gave Jane a piece of paper with the name of some medication Resty needed. Jane then went to the in-house pharmacy to pay for it and was given a receipt. The nurse then collected the medication and gave Resty an injection. This is the way it works here. His stay and the ultrasound will be billed when he leaves hospital which we hope will be later today.
At present Resty is in an admittance ward rather than a normal ward. The beds (one would call them more stretchers on wheels, the kind that are used to transport patients before transferring them to a proper bed) are quite old and all exposed metal seems to be rusting. But it’s otherwise clean and dry. There’s a fan in the ceiling to circulate the air but no air conditioning. Resty is lying on the bed in his normal work clothes, a drip attached to his wrist connected to a drip. He’s on painkillers but otherwise seems none the worse for his experience.
I knew we were tempting providence when we photographed Resty and Jane in the public cemetery on Monday!