Philippines battered with Typhoon Koppu What to expect

Typhoon Koppu is currently hitting the shores of the Philippines the biggest problem is that it’s slow moving due to being one of two typhoons hitting Luzon.
The main concern seems to be the mass flooding caused by Typhoon Koppu with an estimated 15,000 people currently at risk of evacuation. An estimated full evacuation could affect millions if required later. The Philippines is hit with nearly one hundred typhoons a year only a few cause devastation. In this case Typhoon Koppu is assumed to be of larger risk to the population of the Philippines than Typhoon Haiyan that killed over 10,000 people.
My personal views relating to donations though come from experience, and I simply recommend not donating to any charity organisations. The people I know and do the best work have direct intervention. Myself previously I ran convoys during Typhoon Haiyan where my staff donated time, I donated all spare capital I could afford. The local Barangay donated the use of a vehicle and several friends also contributed to helping. Lunch and fuel also came out of my pocket nothing came from donations.
Yet in the Philippines I often find that there are hangers on for every occasion relating to corruption. Charities and natural disasters are nothing more than a cash cow opportunity for them. The UK donated JCB’s during Typhoon Haiyan yet along Cebu Pier One lay at least 100 pieces of heavy lifting equipment “for sale”. The Philippines can help itself more than it does, but involves the wealthy helping instead of looting.