Philippines Average Family V UK Average Family Cost Of Living

 First thing I want to say here before we start is this is no jab at the Philippines its a basic comparison of two ways of life and we have lived both!

According to data I have been looking at today the average salary in the Philippines based in 2004 was P12,000 which to be honest isn’t out of date as the economy hasn’t progressed much and everyone I know less than 90% of them are earning less than that! so if we take that as the average because obviously your either extremely wealthy, poor or living off remittances (unless your a pensioner etc. from abroad).

So if we took a family of 2 wage earners per month = P24,000 (this is unlikely in most cases as generally the second wage earner is around P8,000 or less normally)

2 bedroom house around P5,000 rent or part of a family lot (zero rent).

Electric P800 a month.

Transportation P1,400 (2 people for work commute etc.)

Groceries P6,000

Medical care P800

Telephone P600

Internet P999

Satellite TV P399

School fees P5,000

Loan repayments P1,500 (Could be motorcycle could be school expenses but generally most people seem to have some form of debt).

Obviously these are estimates as well as other variables that would be added but a total of :- P17,498 if property owned if not P22,498 leaving P1,502 in worse case scenario per month. Family may purchase a vehicle and most go for a second hand re welded,re-sprayed multi-cab for about P70,000 – P110,000 depending on model.

suzuki multicab

In the UK

It is regional rates of pay but another important thing is its easier to find work compared to the Philippines, we may get jobs we don’t like but they are easier to come by than no job at all. Now the average income annually is £25,000 which for me actually seems low but it also brings into account many less affluent areas as well as the current financial crisis. Quick conversion to pesos = P1.75million divide by 12 months = 145833.3333333333

2 bedroom house around P42,000 rent

Electric P2,800 a month.

Gas P2,000

Water P800

TV license P800

Transportation P14,000  (1 car owned by family inclusive of fuel,insurance etc.)

Groceries P14,000

Medical care  FREE



Satellite TV P1,400

School fees  FREE SCHOOL

P75,800 Total, now these figures are very rough comparisons as they can vary considerably from household to household but as you can see its possible to save nearly 50% of your income compared to less than 1% in the Philippines. At the same time remember when thinking oh but you didn’t add social nights or other expenses this is based on showing the BASICS. You can’t do a direct comparison of everything from the UK to the Philippines as many things don’t exist in the Philippines. Most people are living on a basic lifestyle which means getting the bigger goods means getting a loan even if its for a camera or a mobile phone. The money you can save in a month in the UK could buy you this BMW and still leave you change. This car is currently for sale at £495 = P34,650 and yes its not new at the same time neither is the multi cab at the top of this page I know which one I would prefer to be driving in.

Link to where the car is for sale

BMW for sale

Now its things like these that have helped make the decision to go to the UK as well as the fact green spaces for the kids to play, better education for the kids and opportunities for my wife as well as the ability to develop business between the UK and the Philippines. Yes I am losing the weather in the UK at the same time the food is healthier with more variety as well many other reasons that didn’t make this decision difficult. I can understand some people being puzzled to why I want to go back at the same time in my 30s I am not ready to retire and the best options currently for development are between 2 nations not sat in one. We will still keep our apartment in the Philippines as well as businesses. Only thing relocating is us.


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    I like the comparison given by the author about living in UK and Philippines. I have to move to Philippines for some personal reason and i feel glad after gathering all the deeds and things which are part of the living and stay at Philippines. I have to move to Philippines for one month and my queries are sorted by this post. Good share..!!!
    Thanks for this post.