Philippines an old man’s paradise

May sound a bit of an odd topic title but there is a reason for that. Younger guys here generally struggle financially due to either low salaries or lack of ability to form up companies or find work. But someone on a pension can rent a cheap house, have a maid and cheap health care (within reason). The reason the health care is a 50/50 scenario is its price often escalates due to circumstance of finances as well as illness. Having good insurance is a must for someone getting over 60 to cover even minor surgery as many live month to month without a reserve, taking into account the insurance and making sure you can and will afford it I do strongly advise before even coming here.

If your in your 20s+ and coming here I would advise trial visits first as it may seem a gleaming paradise with some of the most beautiful women on the planet wanting you as their husband but in reality getting enough income to keep just one person never mind an entire family is a severe part of life that many don’t research enough. We do it and its took us around P3million to get stable here. Arriving with a plane ticket and a few hundred dollars throwing caution to the wind you might hit it lucky but more than likely you will get broke quickly and also lose the love of the country. Get a summer job, get a job in something McDonalds even do what you can and spend a year out here with a fixed amount each month. Love it, experience it, enjoy it and when the year is up go home and look at coming again once you’ve sorted another year out’s worth of funds. Stopping here the failure rate on businesses and problems is very high and I am not trying to put you off but simply you will find it easier making money in your home country than you will out here..