Philippine Tourist Visa do i need it before I leave and how easy is it to extend?

One thing many people worry about when visiting the Philippines is the Visa and dealing with Immigration. The truth is it’s a more complex process in your home Country.

For example in the UK involves either visiting in person or mailing documents such as your bank statements to the Philippine Embassy in London. Personally I don’t like my details known to anyone and with how easy it is to deal with things in the Philippines at the BIR I am not wasting time and money in the UK going to embassy (especially when I live over 100 miles away). So basically the best way for me (maybe not everyone) is to fill in a tourist visa on the plane which allows you to visit the Philippines for 21 days. This is called a 9(a) visa and the most common used you can then visit immigration and have it extended another 38 days (bringing you up to the days standard visa). Then renew every 59 days. Please be aware if its late there are also late fees!

The costs and up to date information can be found at the Visa Fees page of BIR here I would do it myself but where better to get the latest information than BIR themselves.

Now this is another thing you maybe interested in. I can arrange for your paperwork to be processed for you when it needs renewing for fixed pricing for P700 your paperwork will be collected from your hotel with your passport and returned to you the same day with the paperwork processed and leaving you to enjoy your visit.