Peso-peso machine part 2

With the current All saints day still on going until tomorrow I am low on nails and can’t get hinges or other parts to finish the peso-peso box. Although on the positive side I did manage to get the glass today and also installed it.


I have altered the design a little to save running cables up the inside of the machine for the on/off and reset buttons instead moving them down to the front panel where its easier to maintain them but also easier to install and uses less cable. If your going to run them down to the bottom remember to cut your glass with an opening at the top to allow cables to pass and it should be big enough that if the glass gets hot it won’t expand and cut the cable. You will find you have a few offcut pieces of plywood from the various parts you already cut so installed these to fix the glass in position before boxing the glass in with the top panel on the front of the machine.


Next job was to notch out the back shelf not only for cables but also to allow heat to travel up from the PC to go out via the fan once that’s installed. I have also cut just over 3/4 gaps on either side of shelf for where the door will sit as this will act as a doorstop. The door itself was the last large piece I could use out of the first sheet the remainder will be used for the other shelves an supports. The main thing as regards the back door is to make sure everything else is pretty much in place already. The glass I had cut to exact measurements to help keep the machine square which meant the alterations on the backdoor were very minimal.


I am pleased with the project so far and although a few people initially didn’t think the 1/2 inch ply was up to the job now its together its becoming pretty sturdy I will however have to add a couple more shelves yet for the electronics as well as a keyboard,mouse tray and a runner for the cashbox. But all in all its starting to come together and will be finished by the end of the week.