Peso-Peso Machine Finished Photos

Peso-peso machine, cebu,philippines

Simple cash generating machine which for a PC requires a mayors permit at P1,000 per computer in Minglanilla at the same time a business with very little headaches and a business model that works. I skipped the metal trims purely because the studs are rusting on the other one so decided against it as its more trouble than its worth. I have to sort out the capacitor for the amp this week so that it won’t need the desktop speakers that you can see in the glass. Although be warned a lot of this “stuff” is taken from the videoke designs and you may prefer if building one to go with the desktop speakers rather than the 18w speaker we have installed. Especially if you get a few kids sat next to each other having a sound playoff on YouTube which has happened before in the internet cafe. The advantage of this though is whichever setup you go for you can crank up the speakers then put windows on max volume to stop them messing around.

Kids are still mainly using the other machine at the moment as I am still adding on some of the online games they like. But I am happy with the end result similar box machine is around P4,500 in the town where this one cost around P2,500 with a lot of bits left over making the next machine cost around P1,000 to build due to the extra parts I bought with the budget of P2,500 on the original.