Peso-Peso machine construction Starts Today

peso-peso PC (Piso Piso PC)

This morning seen the start of building the next Peso-Peso machine but not only for myself as I am drawing up the plans and wiring diagrams so others can build their own. I initially had hoped for someone to explain the wiring to me but when they quoted P3,000 to “explain” when I can buy this machine for P5,000 complete it wasn’t hard to make the decision to get the machine.

At the same time we have been busy with other things which kept putting the project off as it will take a day initially to build the first plywood shell as we will do most of the work by hand. Why by hand? Because if you want a Filipino carpenter to build them for you then it will always revolve round a basic tool kit. Later on will get a table saw though just to make sure the boards are all square leaving the rounding of shelves and the smaller stuff to be finished. Won’t be full scale manufacturing but hopefully the start of wood working here in the Philippines.

But I will be selling the plans for P1,000 a set but you will need a basic understanding of electronics the carpentry you can get a local guy to work from the drawings I will provide. The reason I am charging for it is simply that building your first machine you have already saved the cost. The one in the photo for example is built with 1” plywood but we are constructing with 1/2” reason being they have used heavy duty ply to weight the machine down. Why when your doubling the cost of the machine? We pay P600 for 8x4ft 1/2” or P1040 for 8x4ft 3/4” may not seem a lot but I just can’t see the point of going large just for weight when adapting a plinth base you can bolt the frame to the floor then the frame to the machine. Out of sight so no chains to cut etc. But means the thing is physically secured to the floor.

The drawings for the wiring diagram though I am going to do some photos as well as it will simplify the wiring. The electronic parts don’t come with instructions when you buy them which was my initial issue with them as there are triggers and timers that are needed in sequence yet there was no manual to tell you even which side of the board was a power input (because it has more than one due to timed inputs and mains). Anyway plywood is being cut outside and looking forward to getting the next one built as sitting it by the existing one will be an extra P100 a day from the new machine as well as giving us a working prototype.

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  1. Noreen
    October 12, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Where can I buy this one? Can I have a contact number?