Peso-peso machine construction part 3 (coin slot computer system / arcade machine)


I have been taking my time on the machine a bit to be honest as we have had a lot of other stuff going on. Although this is yesterdays progress, which see’s the backdoor on complete with padlock and the inside painted out. I get a feeling I am going to have to go over the inside again with a darker colour as the blue is brighter than expected. I am struggling to find where I put the shelf rails which is holding up the next bit of progress so stopped for the day as I had other things to do.

Building a peso-peso machine in the Philippines marketing the coin slot for cutting

After a bit of measuring I decided to cut the slot for the coin slot. I had to dismantle the one side of the coin slot then rebuild it inside the machine. The screws that came with it aren’t ideal for the job so will be changing them for dome headed bolts tomorrow so that it can’t be unscrewed/tampered with.


Next job was building the drawer with some of the offcuts leftover from the first sheet of ply. I decided to paint everything inside and out to help reduce the risk of any moisture getting into the plywood and causing problems later. Tomorrow will involve turning the machine over so I can paint the underside as well.

Glued plywood sheets for Peso-Peso machine in the Philippines

Two of the shelves needed to be thicker for strength as well as size. The first one is the mouse shelf that will be fixed with screws and the other is the keyboard shelf that will be put on drawer runners. As I am out of 3/4 inch ply of over 14” and these needed to be 18” I decided to tack a couple of sheets of 1/2” board together after using PVA glue to bond the sheets and then putting them under pressure overnight to get a good seal. In the morning will be looking to get these in as its very likely I will get the rest of the electronics in the morning as well.

Peso-Peso machine now nearly complete we begin paintingIMG_1248_thumb

The first coat of paint soon got sucked up by the plywood but I was pleased to see (as you can on the second photo) that by the time I finished the sides and front the top had dried to stick a second coat and its come up pretty well. I may end up doing a bit of patching tomorrow as the other shelves go in but at least the majority of the paintwork is finished (A job I hate doing!). I am still pondering to put the metal strips round the edges the same as the other machine as the studs on the other one are showing signs of rusting. The bag inside the machine btw is bits and pieces for tomorrow I shoved them in there and padlocked the back to save having to bring them round to the house to bring back out tomorrow.