Peso-peso finally completed!

Where are the photos? play stopped due to heavy rain but after a problem today with the speaker system and a bit of calculation advise buying a cheap set of computer speakers and adapting them to the box rather than the issues I have had. But all in all done,dusted,working and waiting to see how well its accepted tomorrow as the coin slot we have here isn’t great. Why?

Because its fussy on coins as it measures voltage across it the new peso and the old peso coin have different metal consistances which affect it which now leaves me trying to trace the coin slots we have in the other machine to get things to smooth living without anyone complaining the machine won’t take their money.

Put a third coat of paint on the top, cut the buttons on the PC to rewire into the front panel and pretty much all plane sailing from there and glad to be finished. All in all its took a week for the initial one with around 2 hours each day (10hrs) but the next one I can build in about 4 – 5 hours as everything is figured out. We also have plywood left over from this project so already 50% of the work will be done by the end of this week so that a third Peso-peso machine will be finished and making a regular income.