Peruvian Peppers

Peruvian PeppersAnother pepper plant that grows easily in the Philippines, we give it a bit of a position without direct sunlight and it seems happy and healthy. With the seeds from the peppers you can start more same as the local peppers we come across. We water these once a day due to its location, but wouldn’t advise strong sunlight as its likely to dry the plant out before your out of bed but more importantly the plant itself doesn’t like it.

The other thing is you can eat them! many plants we come across are sold as ornate but in reality its more to do with the fact people don’t know if they should eat it or not and error on the side of caution instead of 10 minutes on the internet. To be fair though the people we buy plants from aren’t exactly the internet savvy bunch more inclined to hard mountain living but they do know how to grow some fantastic plants. Its communities like these that could benefit with more knowledge about how to grow more food themselves as their capabilities are there but introducing new or different methods would improve yields as well as improve the general health of a community. I like the Peruvian Pepper plant as it seems rather tinted in leaf colour compared to other things I have come across so far. Almost gives a feeling of a funeral or death in shade. Not depressing just what it reminds me of when I look at it. Peppers taste great by the way!