Persian Kebab Tandoori – Park mall, Cebu, Philippines

Tandoori Restaurant - Parkmall,Cebu

Today was “escape day” as recently I have been mainly eating local foods which is fine but at some point you start to crave dishes you haven’t had in a while. For me its hot and spicy and its the reason we headed over to a restaurant that is more quiet than it should be as generally the inside downstairs is completely vacant when we have been there although Pinoy’s seem to congregate on the upstairs area with balcony and tourists etc sit outside.

tandoori restaurant

While waiting for food the battle began with me trying to log in to Blue Square online as April took a tour and a few photos for this article. Yet another day of unsuccessfully being able to login with my location and I noticed Google has a new “places” button so tried that as well “currently not available in your country” so I must be in the middle of nowhere according to the web. Today may also seem a bit bizarre to others as my wife was paying for us to go out for lunch as Aprils business ventures have taken off well and it was good to get a break. The biggest problem seems to be growth as the business has grown week on week needing Downstairs restaurant more investment to cover demand but we are about to put a bit of a lid on it for a short time to allow some recouping before any further expansion. So I would like to thank my wife for a great meal in one of the best restaurants in Cebu food wise. Caution on the next few photos as they may cause drooling.


Kofta Kebab





The Kofta looks a bit light its because we were hungry and had half eaten it before we realised we hadn’t taken a photo. So if it looks a bit small its because its on two plates and already at least half

Chicken Biryani with Poppadums

Chicken Biryani with Poppadums not the most exciting of dishes but I miss it from the UK used to have this once a week for years. Although when April was asked if she liked it mild or hot a request quickly followed with extra hot if they could do it. Wasn’t the hottest of dishes but was still spicy on Aprils Pallet which the Poppadums with a fruity sauce soon soothes the tongue.

 Mince beef with spinach and yoghurt sauce

Chicken Combi meal (chicken curry, rice, salad, poppadum and sweet)Ginger TeaPolished the meal off with a nice Ginger Tea and would recommend it to anyone as it seemed an ideal finish to a great afternoons eating. Yes it may appear we were pigging out a bit but my wife is in the late stages of pregnancy and I haven’t eaten curry for months. We love food either eating, cooking or discussing so the recent starvation of our hobby obviously had a little side affect as we made up for it today.