People power of the Philippines remembered this week for ousting the Marcos Regime and a warning to the Middle East.

Its something I find amazing within the Philippines as a foreigner here at the same time can see freedoms being removed in the West in a similar way. People have forgotten that the freedoms didn’t come for free they were given by protest and rebellion against dictatorships and corrupt governments. What seems to be happening these days due to the way its not symbolised in history and taught to the youth of today the kids are more concerned with iPods and gadgets than for the freedom of themselves and their next generations. The importance of EDSA that ousted the Marcos family is a showing it can be done and that it should be done. At the same time the Marcos are back in the Philippines which is why I opened the statement with amazing as I can’t understand why people would let them unless its purely on the fact the country is Catholic or forgot its history. In the last election for president to find an ousted president Erap not only run for the election but also come in as a close runner up I wonder what people really think of politics. Better to vote for an aging movie star that you know than a politician that might make a difference? Well in all honesty the people I know and have met see things as nothing changes, same political families doing their own thing as they win or lose political favour and ousting the people they don’t like. Nothing changing for the people just a small shift in power of the rich who keep themselves rich. As you can see here the son of Marcos actually states what happened in 86 was down to propaganda and nothing else. What about the shoe museum as a symbol of wealth of the Marcos or the money disappearing from the Nuclear power plant?


Anyway getting a bit off tangent here but I have heard several people state that democracy is coming to the middle east with the current uprisings but I find that such as Libya there are factions already taking up control of the towns now lost and I didn’t hear of any elections on those positions. The caretaker administration in different areas will no doubt stay and if you look at Iraq now showing its unrest at its government this also shows democracy is no guarantee especially short term. The world is currently having its food prices rise drastically yet no doubt again its people playing money markets for profit the same way the oil increase has happened over Libya instantly yet no doubt some stability with happen within a few months where the country will need and want to be trading oil to assist its rebuilding. Oil is not like a tap switched off instantly and OPEC can just as easily up its oil production temporary if it chooses to do so but instead often keeps the prices high to the world being the oil junkie it is. Point being the prices go up instantly but come back down slowly so people can profiteer.

What Libya showed was how in bed many Western governments were in bed with the Libyan Government now busy trying to distance themselves. From Tony Blair being regarded as a close friend to Italy having an Oil and Gas deal with the country that could be in jeopardy yet nobody covers any arms deals in the media. Point being on that Governments will deal with who they can get away with when there is a resource they rely on but when things go sour they are quick to distance themselves in the hope to keep favour with the incoming government.

Police at riot

As the unrest continuous in the Middle East and spreads into Northern Africa with a mix of political unrest due to corruption and bad governance the sharp food prices are also starting to take affect causing grumblings in parts of Africa that may end raising civil wars. The problems we face to day is a lot of these uprisings will lead to little real change long term and short term their affects could continue to spread affecting the West as well due to the way global markets operate. My main concern though is that the uprisings are not in vain and hope that the changes made in the countries actually improve things for the majority instead of the minorities sitting pretty. Time will tell but the chances of history repeating itself is likely and even those who sit in the West grumble about their political parties and the corruptions going on within their governments so its hard to say what is the ideal government to run a country as I don’t think history has shown one worth keeping as it always comes down to greed and power over democracy and fair.