People never forget

I was having a few beers with some relatives this week when I popped back to the house to pick something up and on trying to return there was another beer session going on in the next lot aswell with other relatives. To which they invited me over and before you know it your in two parties.. but the point being there was one of Aprils cousins there who hadn’t met me before who lives in the inner part of Cebu island in one of the provinces. I was surprised that he apologised to me for the problems that me and April had with an aunt stating it was embarrassing for him that the issues had happened yet this is the first time I had met the cousin and not only that he doesn’t live anywhere nearby and it just goes to show that people don’t forget. Aswell as the fact many people state that many Filipinos are out to make money or an easy life from the foreigners yet here stands someone apologising for the acts of others and many other family members have done the same. I wonder how the people who steal or abuse the friendships of foreign visitors aswell as family can sleep at night with the damage it causes not only at a local family level but also as a Filipino it damages the image of a nation.